Full Form For RSCIT Exams

Full Form For RSCIT Exams- You Will Find Short Forms And Full Forms To Be Asked In The Rkcl Rscit Exam, Which Will To Be Helpful For Your Rscit Exam. Like Full Form Of Rscit, Full Form Of RKCL, SMPS, URL, ROM, RAM Etc. Is Very Important For RSCIT Exam.

Full Forms For RSCIT

Dear Students, यहाँ RSCIT Exam के लिए Very Important Full Forms दी गई हैं, जो आपके RSCIT Exam के लिए बहुत ज्यादा Helpful साबित हो सकती हैं।
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तो चलिए, पढ़ना शुरू करो !

No. Short Form Fulls Forms
1. ACPI Advance Conguration Power Interface
2. API Application Programming Interface
3. APM Advanced Power Management
4. BASIC Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructions Code
5. BIOS Basic Input Output System
6. BPS Bits Per Second
7. CD Compact Disc
8. CD-R Compact Disc Recordable
9. CD-RW Compact Disc Re-Writable
10. CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing
11. COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
12. COM Component Object Module
13. CPU Center Processing Unit
14. CTRL Control
15. DDR RAM Double Data Rate Random Access Memory
16. DEL Delete
17. DOS Disk Operating Memory
18. DPI Dots Per Inch
19. DSL Digital Subscriber Line
20. DVD Digital Video/Versatile Dise
21. DVD-R Digital Video Disc Recordable
22. EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
23. EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
24. EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
25. ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator
26. EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
27. Esc Escape
28. ESP Enhanced Serial Port
29. FAT File Allocation Table
30. FDD Floppy Disk Drive
31. FTP File Transfer Protocol
32. GIF Graphics Interchange Format
33. GUI Graphic User Interface
34. HDD Hard Disk Drive
35. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
36. HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
37. IC Integrated Circuit
38. Ins Insert
39. IP Internet Protocol
40. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
41. ISP Internet Service Providers
42. LAN Local Area Network
43. MB Megabytes
44. MBR Master Boot Record
45. MODEM Modulator Demodulator
46. MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
47. NFS Network File System
48. NIC Network Interface Card
49. NTFS New Technology File System
50. OS Operating System
51. PC Personal Computer
52. POST Power On Self Test
53. PPM Page Per Minute
54. PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
55. RAID Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disk
56. RAM Random Access Memory
57. RISC Reduced Instruction Set Chip/Computing
58. ROM Read Only Memory
59. SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
60. SCSI Small Computer System Interface
61. SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
62. SRAM Static Random Access Memory
63. STP Shielded Twisted Pair
64. URL Uniform Resource Locator
65. USB Universal Serial Bus
66. UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
67. VPN Virtual Private Networks
68. WORM Write Once Read Many
69. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
70. ANSI American National Standards Institute
71. ASCII American Standard Code For Information Interchange
72. ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
73. AVI Audio Video Interleave
74. BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
75. BMP Bit Map Picture
76. CLI Command Line Interpreter
77. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration protocol
78. FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
79. DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
80. GBPS Gigabit Per Second
81. HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
82. IANA Internet Assigned Number Authority
83. ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
84. IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
85. JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
86. KBPS Kilobit Per Second
87. LED Light Emitting Diode
88. MAC Media Access Control
89. MAN Metropolitan Area Network
90. MBPS Megabits Per Second
91. MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3
92. MP4 MPEG Layer 4
93. MPEG Motion Pictures Experts Group
94. PDF Portable Document Format
95. PIM Personal Information Manager
96. PIM Privileged Identity Management
97. PNG Portable Network Graphics
98. POP3 Post Office Protocol, Version 3
99. POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
100. PTT Public Telephone And Telegraph
101. SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
102. SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
103. SRAM Static Random Access Memory
104. SSID Service Set Identifier (Wi-Fi)
105. TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
106. UDP User Datagram Protocol
107. VlAN Virtual Local Area Network
108. VPN Virtual Private Network
109. WAN Wide Area Network
110. Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity
111. Li-Fi Light Fidelity
112. WMV Windows Media File With Video
113. WWW World Wide Web
114. IAMRB Internet and Mobile Association of India
115. RSCIT Rajasthan State Certificate In Information Technology
116. RKCL Rajashtan Knowledge Corporation Limited

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