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RSCIT Online Test Papers - If you are also looking for RSCIT Online Test Paper, you will get RSCIT Question Paper Quiz along with the RKCL Online Test Paper at in Hindi language, which is from the 16 Lessons of your Official Book of RSCIT, By Take the Rscit Online Test Papers, you can Easily Pass the RSCIT Exam with 90+ marks, so start today RSCIT Mock Test in your own Mobile.

We Provide RSCIT Test Papers, RSCIT Mock Test, Rscit online test papers free for the preparation of RSCIT Exam.

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RSCIT Book Chapter Quiz (New Syllabus)

Dear Students, अगर आपने अभी तक RSCIT Book के Chapters (Lessons) के Quiz नहीं Read कियें हैं तो, यहाँ RSCIT की Official Book
(अगर आपने Book नहीं देखि तो Picture में देख सकते हो )

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के Total 16. Lesson के Mock Test के Link दिए गये  हैं, आप इनको Try अवश्य करें।
तो चलिए, शुरू हो जाइये। ✌ 
  1. Computer introduction
  2. Computer System
  3. Use of computer
  4. Internat introduction
  5. Internet application
  6. Operating system
  7. Microsoft Word-basic
  8. Microsoft Word-advance
  9. Microsoft Excel-basic
  10. Microsoft Excel advance
  11. Microsoft Power point
  12. Microsoft Access
  13. Microsoft Outlook basic
  14. Latest Trends of IT
  15. Computer Administration
  16. Computer Networking
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अगर आपने RSCIT / RKCL की Book Chapter Series को Complete कर लिया हैं तो, अपना अनुभव नीचे 👇 Comment Box में हमारे साथ अवश्य Share करें। 

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